Dr. Bill Primack Shares Career Insights on New Podcast

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Dr. Bill Primack

Dr. Bill Primack, a pediatric nephrologist, recently celebrated his retirement from UNC.

In this new podcast, Dr. Primack discusses several topics and issues that he dealt with in his career, from how he got started out, to having to prove himself late in his career at UNC, to other issues such as teaching concepts of nephrology to families.

As a pediatrician who has worked as both a primary care physician and a specialist, Dr. Primack also shares his insights into the communication issues between specialists and primary care physicians.

The early days of Dr Primack's career

Dr. Primack discusses how he got started in medicine.

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Transitioning to a new career change in NC

Having to prove himself late in his career again proved to be a new challenge for Dr. Primack; he also discusses his new academic role at UNC.

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Explaining concepts of kidney functions to families

Explaining kidney functions in a way that someone without medical training will understand.

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What it's like to work with a patient and see them grow up

Dr. Primack discusses being a pediatric nephrologist, working with patients and families long-term

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Communication between primary care providers and specialists

Dr Primack, having worked in primary care and specialty care, discusses communication issues that make managing patients difficult for the primary care providers and specialists.

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