Smooth Transition to Adulthood with Renal Disease (STARx)


The UNC Kidney Center is developing a program to help teens get ready for their transition from pediatric to adult healthcare.  This program is designed for patients between the ages of 11 to 21.  We know that this transition requires the patient to prepare to see an adult kidney doctor and to become responsible for his/her own healthcare needs. This responsibility includes things like scheduling appointments, taking/refilling medication(s), and finding insurance.

Our aim is to provide our patients with the knowledge and encouragement necessary to make this transition as smooth and successful as possible.  We have designed our new program to assess what patients do and do not know about their healthcare, and then teach and explain everything they need to know.  One way we begin this process is through creating a patient’s Medical Passport. This passport helps the patient keep track of his/her diagnosis, medications, and allergies.  This is just a first step in assuming full responsibility as an adult, and we aim to help each of our patients to transition successfully into adulthood.

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For more information, please contact Kristi Bickford, Transition Coordinator, at 919-966-2561 ext. 246, or by e-mail:

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