The Allan Brewster Memorial Fund

The late Shirley Gilman

The UNC Kidney Center has received a generous gift from the estate of Shirley Gilman.

Shirley's nieces Carmencita and Marisa were patients at UNC in 1991 when Carmen received a kidney transplant from her sister Marisa. Mrs. Gilman's nephew Allan passed away during this time, and she established the Allan Brewster Memorial Fund in his memory.

When Mrs. Gilman passed away in 2008, she left $4.7 million of her estate to the Allan Brewster Memorial Fund, bequeathed to the UNC Kidney Center.

The gift will be used to help with kidney donor/recipient needs and transplant awareness programs at the Kidney Center.

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The family's story

In 1991, Carmencity Conry needed a kidney transplant, and her sister Marisa stepped
up to donate one of her kidneys. The sisters came to UNC for their transplant, and it was successful.

As a result of their transplant experience, Carmen and Marisa realized the challenges that patients face in accessing live donor kidney transplant. They recognized the financial
burden on donors and recipients, as well as the lack of resources available.

During this time, their brother Allan passed away. Their Aunt Shirley established the Allan Brewster Memorial Fund in honor of his memory.

The history of the fund

Shirley Gilman established the fund in 1993 as a smaller gift which assisted donors and recipients who would otherwise not be able to consider transplant. Mrs. Gilman added to this gift for many years.

The fund was used to help families with transportation costs, accommodations and to
cover financial losses from missing work.

The gift

The $4.7 million gift from Shirley Gilman's estate will provide endowments to support several programs dedicated to kidney transplant at the UNC Kidney Center.

*The Allen Brewster Kidney Donor Fund—to help support donors and transplant recipients with pre-transplant expenses
*Allen Brewster Public Awareness Campaign—will support a transplant public awareness campaign
*Allan Brewster Kidney Transplant Fellowship—will support a named transplant fellow
*Allan Brewster Distinguished Professorship—will help support an established nephrologist
*Allan Brewster Discretionary Fund—will help with kidney transplant related expenses

The sisters today

Eighteen years after the transplant, Carmen is doing very well. She plays tennis and
enjoys having lunch with friends. She lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband, Kevin and has three grown children- Alisa, Ben and Amy, as well as a number of grandchildren.

Marisa McLeod is also very healthy and enjoys playing tennis. She is a faculty member at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. She has one daughter, Gaelin, who is 11 years old.

Both sisters expressed having had a positive experience and felt well cared for while at UNC.